Interim Survey Results

25 November, 2018

Support Lindfield has been undertaking a comprehensive survey to understand the preferences and priorities of the residents of Lindfield, Roseville and Killara in relation to the Lindfield Village Hub. We’re pleased to provide you with an interim report on the major results. Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey. Everyone counts!

The survey is still open so if you have not yet responded please do so now at this link

When the results are finalised we intend to communicate them to all stakeholders - residents, local businesses, major retailers, Councillors and Council officers, local State and Federal government representatives.

Over 700 households representing more than 2000 people completed the survey of which well over half have participated in a Support Lindfield forum or communication for the first time.

Overall a good representation of age groups participated.

Some key findings

68% of respondents live in Lindfield/East Lindfield reflecting the local interest

Strong support for a full line supermarket is high but the result was reversed when the need for a second discount supermarket was considered.

Very strong support for a range of speciality shops, services, library, village green and community facilities

Very low support for the inclusion of childcare

70% said that the inclusion of apartments was not important but if they were included they needed to have a social benefit like key worker accommodation or seniors apartment/aged care

The need for the inclusion of an over highway bridge link to the station and commuter parking rated very highly. The community see this as a fundamental part of the project. They see the current crossing as unsafe and regard the narrow existing cross block links between the existing shops to the highway a completely inadequate solution.

Residents responded very strongly to the maximum height of residential buildings. 70% of residents do not want it to exceed 7 storeys or about the height of those in the Harris Farm building in Lindfield Avenue. It is at this point that respondents saw the benefits of the community facilities out-weighed by the negative attributes of building height. There is a view that above this height the scale is not compatible with the vision for Lindfield. A project above 100 apartments and 7 storeys as originally agreed with the community in 2015 shifts from a primarily community place to a residential place.

The community strongly (70%) see the perceived funding gap deriving from some of the proceeds of the existing Library site as opposed to additional height and number of apartments. It is seen that the proceeds from this existing community asset should logically be recycled into the Lindfield Village Hub.

Support Lindfield’s position is that the survey results set the benchmark for the Hub in the sensitive areas of height, funding LVH from the library site and a pedestrian bridge over the highway.  The community has spoken, and Council must listen.

Comments from some survey respondents:

Residents' opinions are critical to the success of the Lindfield Village Hub and are vitally more important than profits to developers and Council.  This is supposed to be a VILLAGE hub - any building over the height of 7 storeys could never be conducive to a village.  The land to the west of the site falls steeply away and any multi storey building will absolutely dominate the area and overshadow what is left of the once quiet tree-lined residential streets.  (SI)

The situation with the pedestrian crossing is potentially catastrophic. I attend every afternoon to collect my Daughter from the train. I watch buses leave the bus stop whilst children are still waiting to cross the road. Recently a boy from Killara High thought he could " run the gauntlet" and cross amidst traffic. He was lucky not to be killed. This situation is both lethal and pathetic. (GW)

Maintaining a village feel is crucial. High rise would rule that out.  Please retain Lindfield’s character.  The block on the eastern side of the station is out of character and too high.  Architecture and height need to be in keeping with the suburb’s historic style -  - not the style of a “boxy” city office block. (VC)

 The Support Lindfield Team




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