Maximum Seven Storeys

Our message to Council is simple; come back when it’s sensible. Seven storeys is sensible.

We Need Your Help!

Tell Councillors to support seven storeys, it’s sensible. Here’s how…..

  • Get a photo of yourself holding up seven fingers to show your support.

  • Attach it to your email to;
    copy to
    and OR

  • SMS you photo to your Councillors mobile number listed HERE and/or

  • Post it to Facebook, tag @SupportLindfield


Join In!

Join our community who are getting involved to let the council know what we want.



About Support Lindfield

We are a group of ordinary people who live and/or work in Lindfield, Roseville and Killara and we want a new heart for our village. We want Lindfield to be a destination, not just a place to live or work. Our objective is to give the community a voice, and advocate for them so that residents get what they want from the Lindfield Village Hub.


Our Vision For the

Lindfield Village Hub



Containing a new age library, family cafes, activity/ meeting/performance areas and much more.



A people place of hybrid spaces, a focus of Lindfield community life for all.



A green, active and safe village square that integrates with an inspiring green space.



Linked to short and long term parking and station access.  


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